Farm Ditching Machine For Walking Tractor and Mini Tractor

It is used in conjunction with a walking tractor and mini tractor. The power of the tractor is transmitted to the ditching cutter head through the gearbox body, and the cutter head is rotated to complete the ditching operation and greatly improve the operation efficiency. It is a powerful assistant for farmers friends. The opening groove machine is a kind of efficient and practical new opening ditch device.

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Small width trenching machine Main Advantage
1. Can fitted for 8-20hp walking tractor and 12-20hp mini tractor.
2. Ditching width shall be 30cm;Working depth is 20-35cm.
3. Widely use,Can used for farmland irrigation;ginger and scallion planting.drainage ditch of orchard and vegetable greenhouse.
4. good quality, long service life
Trenching chain and blades with special material and manufacture process, long service life.
5. High efficiency
Than artificial and excavators have higher efficiency (3 to 5 times that of excavator) and economic benefits, especially in the case of dig narrow trench buried buried pipes (or cable), the operation effect of the furrowing machine is all the more remarkable. The machine has simple structure, convenient operation, easy to maintain.

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