Double Plough For 4 Wheel Mini Tractor

The plough is a kind of agricultural tool for farming. It is a fully suspended plough, which is composed of a thick blade at the end of a beam, usually tied to a group of livestock or motor vehicles that pull it, and also driven by human power. It is used to break up soil blocks and make grooves for sowing.

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Product Detail

Product Tags

Breaking the bottom of the plough
Restoring the structure of the soil plough layer
Improving the capacity of soil water storage and moisture preservation
Eliminating some weeds
Reducing pests and diseases
Leveling the ground surface
Improving the operation standard of agricultural mechanization.
Is a four-wheel tractor mounted plow, mainly used for plowing loam, the sand loam , cultivated and dry land.
This tractor farm plow has good efficiency
The mouldboard plow is in simple adjustment,has Wide scope of application
Working depth could be adjusted

Our Services
1. we can provide OEM &ODM service
2. we can purt customer logo on the plough
3. the plough size and shape can be done according to customer requirement
4. sample is availbe
5. provide high quality and competitive price
6. delivery time is quick and on time

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